Friday, January 8, 2010

necessary object

splurged a little on this fine machine. my life is now complete.

 does anyone want to buy my front loading, tricked out washer and dryer?
want the old school, old fashioned ones now.


gr8apey said...

I'm assuming that that is a dish washer. I'm going to be needing two of those very soon. mine are on the fritz. my washer and dryer's too!!! I'm with you. simple. easy. three choices only!! Elyse just got new ones and they were GREAT. nothing fancy!

Chelsea said...

what kind of flooring do you have, I love it. As for washer/dryer I just want HUGE, one I can throw a weeks worth into and dry it too. that would be ideal.

Claudine said...

should have called me! could have got you a discount..... :)