Thursday, January 7, 2010

fat suitcase

this is emma and david at the airport, 5:34 am and ready to go into the terminal...
and re-pack her suitcases
(they didnt know this at the time this photo was taken-i am sure the smiles went away).
one weighed in at 73.5 lbs, the other was a slim 50.5 lbs.
just so you know, any of you continental travelers out there...they wont take a suitcase
which weighs more than 70 lbs.
so...all of a sudden she was very grateful hunter lovingly
lent her his backpack from 8th grade
(boy goo on the inside and red boy graffiti on the front pocket).
so now, she is hand carrying four bars of soap, make-up remover pads and a
bunch of other necessary heavy items in hunter's handy, well worn jansport backpack.
AND, just so you know, if you are over in weight, it will cost ya.
100 bucks to be exact.
so better bring your credit card with the big limit too.

and this is what we experienced on the way back home...

and this is what i experienced when i walked into her room.
lucky me.

miss her already.


Jack and Melissa said...

What an eventful morning! We experienced the same weight issues when we left Heathrow to fly home..same're basically not getting on the airplane unless you do something. They hand out baggies at security..why not have a rack of luggage bags to share too? She'll have a blast! Love you Shawna, Melissa

gr8apey said...

That room is classic!! isn't that just like them?! I'm sure the house is very quiet!!! so sad.

emma johnson said...

dang my outfit was SO hot...