Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the new 85

so i saw this photo on my sister's snapfish account (cute photos, btw, melissa),
and couldnt help but pause and look lovingly at all these wonderful people pictured here.
we have known them for years, even before i was born.
we vacationed at lake powell and lake mead together every year, rode motorcycles in the desert, explored rural palm springs and joshua tree in the 70's, allowed to hang our feet out of the open camper door as we meandered through colorado's lush canyon roads,
and always spent new years celebrating with them playing games
and waiting for midnight to come
(and they still carry on that tradition) rotating between homes every year.
between the 3 families, there were 13 kids, i think.
all of us like brothers and sisters to each other.
i have so many fond, happy memories of spending time
with these wonderful people
(i could write multiple posts about our adventures)-now in their mid to late eighties
(i know, can you believe it?),
and still very active, vibrant people.
an example to all of us how to be, and how to live life.

i better start taking ginko biloba.


gr8apey said...

They are still around?! What are the chances of that? Not one missing yet?!! Wow, you need to start interviewing them to find out what they eat!

Jack and Melissa said...

Yes, start taking your vitamins!
They started this New Year's tradition in 1955 & only missed 2 times getting together since(they were on missions those 2 times). They were all complaining about how they looked when we took these pics of them, but we told them they were fortunate they were all still standing..they laughed HARD at that! We need to have a reunion with all of the kids soon..ah, another project. Love you! Melissa & Jack

Lori said...

Wow your mom and dad look great, Shawna. So ginko biloba, huh?