Monday, January 11, 2010

my orange sheep

this is aenons room as she left it yesterday.
and she forgot her quilt.
it is wrapped up in all of that bedding, hiding.

she is on to bigger and better things.
school starts today for her, and she is in a good place.
left with a smile on her face, and ready to get back to work.

this break she wasnt pacing, wasnt bored.
usually she cant stand being idle.
this time off was a little different for some reason.
she enjoyed the couch.

happy first day of school, darling.
back to real life.


gr8apey said...

the nose may have something to do with "slowing down" but i'm so happy that she left happy! She'll have a great semester, i can tell! Love the mess left they ever look back?!

Jack and Melissa said...

Aenon is such an incredible hard grass grows under her feet. She reminds me of a girl Grandpa Keith..she's inherited some super genes from him! Good luck with all of your studies Aenon--we know YOU will accomplish great things! Love you always, Aunt Melissa