Saturday, January 2, 2010

hurray for helpers

i had helpers this year in taking down the christmas decorations (i know, red letter day). i have a pet peeve...i hate any decorations left up even a day after the holiday. needless to say, mine were gone yesterday. so all you people out there who still have your christmas lights up and even on...time to take them down. the sooner the better. nothing worse than pumpkins out a week after halloween, and christmas lights up the third week of january. i even had boys who risked life and limb ( i did, however have flash in front of me, the words of a friend who is a firefighter, talk about christmas light installation accidents he has attended where he had to clean up brain matter from the sidewalk) to get the job done. so glad hunter is over his fear of heights. i think the hike on the napali coast- a narrow trail (11 miles long), 800 feet straight down, inches away from death did the trick.
ok, pheww... dont have to worry about this till next year.


gr8apey said...

OHHHH....I haven't been around a computer in a WEEK. i feel like i missed out on your life!! this is pathethic that we only keep up with each other through this thing. LOVED the post with the old photos...i need to get mine on this computer!

Cortney said...

took mine down yesterday. shocking, i know.

Claudine said...

unfortunately, the elves did not take the tree or the lights down while I was in texas - so guess what i'm doing tomorrow????