Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so glad you are mine

{aenon on her 17th birthday...she is now 22}

simply put, i am glad this girl is in my life. 
glad she exists.
glad she walks the earth.
glad she was born to me on january 19, 1988.
at st johns hospital in santa monica.
what a beautiful day that was.
it was raining. like today.

we must have chosen each other long ago. 
glad her spirit embraced mine.
glad she loves and appreciates me.
glad we share that bond.

when she was born she was a bundle of energy,
complete with the same flaming hair piled 
on top of her sweet little crooked head.
the nurses raved.
and grandma was smitten.
she grew into a curious, strong little girl.
then a beautiful, driven young person,
who i love more and more every day she is alive.

she illuminates her space simply with her presence.
her smile brightens a room.
she is animated.
she is fun.
she speaks her mind.
is not timid by any means.
and it will always be that way.
forever and ever.

her energy is contagious.
her intellect unique.
her person special beyond belief.

this girl is something else.
and so glad she is mine.
and i will love her.
till the end of time.

{and for the life of me, i could not find a photo of her as a newborn. i know they are there somewhere in that photo mess!}


Jack and Melissa said...

What a beautiful tribute to Aenon. There is only one Aenon in this whole universe & she is eternally loved by many. Happy Birthday Awesome Aenon!

gr8apey said...

Oh MY!! that first photo of her and you is emma holding a baby!!!! by word! Happy bday Aenon...i agree!

Lori said...

Eloquently said, my friend. Your amazing Aenon is so blessed to have had such an incredible mom to raise and love her.