Thursday, January 28, 2010

simply smart

so i helped my friend, renee (who is the inventor of this ingenious little thing that holds all your craft junk), at the cha (craft and hobby association) convention in anaheim. her nifty organizer thing
(aka clip it up...her company name is "simply renee") will hold paper, and fabric, anything you want
(she has seen it used even to store/display baby shoes)...and she even invented these sturdy plastic bags with a really cool zipper which hold all the little stuff. she invented a ribbon organizer, and these little swing arm things which again, hold all your stuff.

so smart she is. the organizing queen. so roll organized, kind and considerate and successful all into one, and you have renee. her products are all over the world, and every scrapbooker/quilter in america wants one. such a package she is.

so i ventured to anaheim, helped her put up and take down her booth, made an ikea run, brought extensions cords and a bowl full of candy...helped out a bit here and reality i did very little.
but, so fun to rub shoulders with such a magnificent lady.
thank you renee (and cute sister carolyn) for accepting my meager contribution.
i thoroughly enjoyed my time with you!

and more eye candy to look at from other vendors...

crafters heaven for sure.


emma johnson said...

where are the pics of those lantern things you were telling me about??

shawna said...

they were not there, or i did not see them when i went back with my camera...sorry.

Jack and Melissa said...

All the creative talent is just oozing out of all these pics you posted..what a blast! You could set up your own booth Shawna with all of your wonderful creations..what do you think??

gr8apey said...

how fun was that???!!! that could be described as craft overload...i wouldn't know where to look first!! hope you took lots of notes!

shawna said...

april, you need a clip it up...on second thought, you need several!!

Ingrid said...

Lucky you! What a great place for serious inspiration!

claudine said...

i was about to send you n email about this booth at cha that i loved... didn't realize you were actually there! how fun!

and i need a coupla those too

Renee said...

Shawna it was an honor to work with you! With your busy schedule and "life" you were so kind to come and help out! I only wish we could have spent more time together
as I think you're the amazing one!!! I love your blog, the honesty of it and your pictures of your life!
Maybe next time we can hang out more and do some fun things besides setting up and taking down...kinda feels like the circus - roll in, set-up, do the show, pack up and head out again! Does that make me the "clown" or the "animal trainer"????
Thanks again for your friendship and help! You are so kind, and I'm grateful we met at Sparks! You're a kindred spirit and I knew it when I met you!
Love ya! Renee