Tuesday, January 12, 2010

quick fix

dane's third grade teacher (bless her heart) is the best.
she is a perfect match for him.
love her. love her. love her.
did i tell you i love HER?
anyway, this poster was part of a mini study of an orange county city.
we were supposed to visit the city, then make a poster about it.
however, he couldnt be bothered with this mundane activity.
the quicker we got it over with, the better.
he was a good listener though, and took
instruction from me as to where to write this,
where to write that.
and he was the designated cutter outer.
also did a fine job on the giant header written in orange.
and he also knew what the angels logo looked like.
has never been to an angels game-ever.
i think he saw it while passing the stadium on the freeway,
and remembered what it looked like.
his photographic memory alive and well.
then it was time to write his name at the bottom.
he wanted to do it with two colors.
d was red, a was green and so on.
he got a little mixed up in the process and misspelled his name.
the perfect fix, just cross it out and start over.
in the end, i did get a little piece of paper to cover his mistake.

did i tell you i love HIM?


Jack and Melissa said...

Dane, this is awesome!! The city of Anaheim should mass produce your poster because it's the BEST!
As soon as I saw it I just wanted to hop in my car & drive to Disneyland & drop Uncle Jacket off to a ballgame. Love you, Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jacket

gr8apey said...

that is classic! No white out for dane...just cross and redo. wish i could be that confidant!!! love the poster!