Sunday, January 17, 2010

here we go again

need to find a good book to read. so bored in between games. however, it was entertaining to witness hunter give a swift kick to an opposing players jaw. even an audible sound was heard on impact. why did this make me feel so good? maybe because i have watched him get beat up, kicked and scratched continually. finally some payback. thank you for making your mother proud.
and did i mention santa barbara is beautiful?
wouldnt mind making that place my home.


emma johnson said...

i would not mind if you settled there.

gr8apey said...

isn't that the truth! (on all of it) i get tired of watching kids out of control...just had an instance with camden on saturday...finally gave her the okay to hurt the girl! and santa barbara doesn't even have a bad neighborhood!! LOVE IT! antique shopping is to die for there!!