Wednesday, August 26, 2009

who wants french toast?

so hunter's schedule is this: practice 6am-8am, then goes back 11am to 2pm. when he comes home at 8, having put in a full workout as the others slumber the morning away, he is famished. starving as he would say. he says thinking about what he's going to eat for breakfast helps him get through his arduous workout in the pool. i tell him a little food fantasy never hurt anyone.
so he came home and made french toast for everyone, complete with a sprinkling of brown sugar.
we didn't have any bananas or he would have completed the course with peanut butter and bananas laced throughout the fat cinnamon slices.

i think i should face the fact i am never going to be thin as long as my children are alive.


camdenmccusker said...

mmmmmm........ looks so good

camdenmccusker said...

Thats looks so good

Tera said...

Oh, I want some french toast!