Thursday, August 20, 2009

ps i love you

i remember in high school it was a big deal to go with a bunch of friends to palm springs for the weekend. it was kind of an adult rite of passage...unfortunately i was never allowed to go. i dont think anything really happened there, just lots of laying out by the pool, movies and dinner out. although i wasnt born yesterday on second thought...things probably DID happen...
who am i kidding. maybe its a good thing i didnt go.
anyway, there has always been an allure with palm springs for me. maybe its the constant sunshine which i think i actually need to live, maybe its the beautiful expansive desert...maybe its the glorious warm nights...i mean, c'mon where else can you go where it is 95 degrees at 10pm? i think the warm nights are just magic. and the room rate didnt hurt either...76 bucks for a suite at the westin. makes it even more fun when it is cheap.

we have been coming here for years, as sort of a summer kick off or a summer ending mini vacation. this year the latter. and usually sans dad. has always been a girl trip, although this year we decided to bring everyone. we have thrown a few boys into the mix. so far so good.

last night we did the usual. dinner at the yard house, a long drawn out venture into borders and then a treat. eden and i wanted cheesecake. the rest wanted ben and jerrys. everyone was happy. although the ice cream eaters were so excited their splurge was less caloric than the cheesecake. who knew premium ice cream was diet food?

and shhh...dont tell anyone...are pretending we are in hawaii.


Joan said...

"i mean, c'mon where else can you go where it is 95 degrees at 10pm? "



Sounds like a nice end-of-summer vacation.

gr8apey said...

i think any food eaten on vacation doesn't have calories at all, so there! Hope you're having fun! I LOVE mini vacations.