Saturday, August 22, 2009

back to real life...

well, looks as if i am facing the hard realization that summer is winding down, the most dreaded time of year for me. i hate this time of year with a passion. love having my kids all home, love the open doors and the sound of water splashing in the backyard. love the sandy back seats and the sunburned cheeks. love finding teenagers sprawled on the couch in the morning, the sound of laughter in the wee hours of the night. love everything about summer, except the end of it...and it is just around the corner.
on monday hunter starts "shell" week for polo (which translates into 2 very long practices a day, then an overnight beach trip where they train rigorously in the ocean for 3 days)...his life of leisurely playing mario kart for hours is ending. he keeps asking me..."what day is it?" (dont you just love the fact that we dont even know what day it is...) i know he is dreading monday like the plague.
back to real life, hunter (and everyone else).
the party is over.


a corgi said...

it is always bittersweet when summers start winding down; the kids here (Temecula Valley) are already back in school, that just doesn't seem right to go back before Labor Day

wishing Hunter/team a successful water polo season! sounds grueling with the practices!!

loved the picture of the cheesecake and the calorie counts of them; but still very enjoyable to eat.....we can forget the calories for sure, right??


Joan said...

My girls always ask in the summer "what day is it?" They spent hours playing "Little Big Planet" on PS3.

I hate summer ending too. But there a few weeks left even though school has started (I envy those districts that wait until after Labor Day!) and I may have a pool in a few days. is nation-wide. Give the info to those teachers you know. It is a wonderful organization.

Uncle Jacket said...

I have been asking what day it is for years now! I just know I was dropped on my head...