Monday, August 10, 2009

rather large spa

i know i keep posting about the pool, but it's repair and re-tiling took a huge toll on our summer. we are so happy to have it back, and really took for granted how much we enjoy the cool sparkly water twinkling in the backyard. now it really twinkles, those tiny glass tiles looking ravishingly iridescent. amazingly, this large body of water keeps the yard much cooler too. that big empty hole made for a hot backyard, then combined with no air conditioning, those weeks of demolition were an earthly hell.
i know, i know, everyone knows the story...
ive talked about it repeatedly...just so happy to have it back.
so we had a spa sesh in the jacuzzi yesterday. everyone got their back scrubbed, and aenon played facialist and even scrubbed hunters face.
just glad to be back in gear. even blew up a few pool toys.
summer is just starting for us.
too bad it is almost over.

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Joan said...

Love the spa! =)

You commented on my blog that you might print your blog someday to share with grandkids. Here's a link to a site that does that sort of thing. =)