Saturday, August 8, 2009

efy mourning

well, the kids officially are sad efy has come to an end,
especially eden. keeps talking about all of the very neat experiences and all of the new friends she met. they loved it. the boys bonded more with the counselors than the kids their age, and eden and brittany were lucky enough to be in "the best" company, with "the best" counselor, crystalee. hunter called her an "angel". so, incredible week for them. i am so glad they all had such a great time, and actually am relieved they were not happy to see me this morning when i arrived to pick them up bright and early at 7am.
this unhappiness meant they had the time of their lives.
so happy for them.
till next year, i think eden may even go a couple of times. maybe i will send her to new york or someplace fun like that.
now that's a place i would love to go to pick her up...
sorry cedar city.
no offense.

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emma johnson said...

who is that girl hunter has his around!!
miss the boys and eden and you and cant wait to hear all about it!!!!!!