Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the sunny traveler has returned

well, retrieved emma from the san diego airport last night safe and sound. basically i wont be able to write all the exciting things down about her trip because there are too many experiences to properly document...and no fun being told by someone who didnt even experience please refer to her blog to hear about it first hand.
i am sure she will be blogging a ton and shes a great storyteller. as of now, she is sleeping...probably wont see her for awhile.

she was lit up and talked non stop when we picked her up around 9:00 last night. aenon and i were glued to her stories...some of them very funny. she realized that we americans have too much superfluous "stuff" around us, and was so impressed with the italians simplicity.
their goodness. she even met a man whos life was changed by cameron, who introduced the gospel to him and was instrumental in coordinating the building of a home for him. he is now married and expecting a child, previously penniless and homeless. his life forever changed by a humble 19 year old. she told us about the tender reunion when this man
who diligently sells fruit on the street saw cameron.

i have to thank these darling boys who served their missions in italy for taking good care of her. apparently blondes (and americans) attract a lot of attention there, so i do believe having these strapping young men by the girls sides was helpful. also i think the fact that they spoke fluent italian was crucial...a trip never to be duplicated, i am afraid. even the times when the boys spoke italian amongst themselves in order to not alarm the girls because they were in a particularly scary situation involving being lost and large rocks and night setting in.
kind of like when the nail ladies speak in vietnamese and you wonder
what they are saying about your toes?

so i stole a few of her photos from her memory card...cannot give proper descriptive details about the images, but know one is of the pieta, a Michelangelo masterpiece (one of my personal favorites) sistine chapel (i think) and venice.

how would i know-never been to italy...wonder when it will be my turn?

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Cortney said...

Italian chocolate is the best. I hope she brought a ton home. I am glad that she is home... now you can sleep at night!