Sunday, August 30, 2009

big girls now

currently i am in the salt lake airport...waiting for my jetblue flight. got emma all settled in, would have liked to have done more, but we fit all that we could in and still half
way enjoyed ourselves. however, missing my dane big time.

our trip was started on thursday morning, and was boring and uneventful. mr Landcruiser took care of us beautifully...nothing broke, nothing blew up and we arrived in one piece. stopped in vegas for emma's last in and out burger, then a pit stop in st george for that amazing custard we always get. then on to wall mart in cedar city for more treats and a trip to the potty. got gas in beaver, my moms old stomping grounds...just had to take a photo of the "B" and the cows in the foreground. had our windows washed by a gas station attendant named Nephi. it was written right there on his gas station attendant shirt. had to see it to believe it.
we like to live large, you know.

found provo had not changed at all, and started our day with the exciting IKEA trip, then various target runs complete with a stop at iceberg for a shake...i swear i eat like a pig when i am in provo...oh, also had a five guys burger...officially better than in and out, i am afraid. anyway, still never found the coveted ethernet cable (every student in the state needs one).
i guess emma's on her own for that one.

aenon is living in salt lake now (in a cute, rustic 70s apartment building close to the U), so we decided to hang around the city yesterday. we found a cute little greek cafe, nestled amongst amazing architecture and the shade of the tall buildings. this little restaurant had really good hummus and a decent chicken gyro...but the olives were the favorite. would have been a tad more enjoyable if the babbling homeless man with no hands, and his pants completely undone had decided to find another place to hang out (i know, i felt sorry for him)... but all in all a nice little adventure in the big city. however, emma has decided she likes the "comfort" and "safety" provo provides. so i guess p town isnt so bad after all.

emmas apartment is darling, complete with new black furniture and super cute roommates. her situation could not be better. i am thrilled she is where she is, ready to embark on this next new chapter in her life. aenon too, i am glad she is where she is too. we stopped at the U bookstore, visited the BEAUTIFUL library and paid for some expensive books. she "fits" at the U, where it is "real life" as she says, not some pseudo, sheltered world at the Y.
i must say i have to agree with her.

i am finding out slowly but surely my big girls dont need me as much as they used to...i am finding my place now behind the scenes a little. kind of weird for me, i will admit. not sure how all of this feels, but i am learning my place. i am not the hands on mother i am to the others...sometimes it is hard to find where i fit. these kids are my life...just need to let them spread their wings all by themselves now. i am grateful for the independent people they are. the women they have become. i am thankful i am their mom,
even if they dont need me that much anymore...
its a good thing.


Cortney said...

scares me and excites me all at the same time. Good thing i have another 15 years to get used to being behind the scenes... maybe then i will be able to do it without crying, which is what i do every time i think about it!!!

Tera said...

But even when they grow up and go out on their own....they STILL need their Mom. Every so often you just need your mom because no one else knows just what to say or do like a mom does.

Claudine said...

a mom's job is bittersweet...
isn't it just the irony of life that the measure of your success as a mom depends on your children being able to leave you and function well on their own.
i just left mine in provo, too and as for life's lessons, i'd like to rewrite that one!