Tuesday, August 4, 2009

more from my sunny traveler...

To my loved ones! sorry I didn't write last night our Internet
connection was sketchy in Rome but I had the most beautiful day
yesterday. I love Rome. That city has stolen my heart completely. We
went to the Vatican early in the morning yesterday but unfortunately
cam forgot to tell us that we had to wear sleeves and shorts to the
knee so we had to buy scarves and wrap them around our bodies and we
looked ridiculous but it was worth it because the Vatican is unreal.
Beautiful. The Sistine chapel was stunning. I have no words for it
really it was just incredible. After the Vatican we went to the forum
next to the colloseum. The colloseum is so big. The whole time I'm
here I keep thinking that aenon needs to be here. She would appreciate
it so much more than I ever could. Garrett has taken some art history
classes so he can tell us sometimes about the significance of what
were seeing and whit has an Italy book we carry around so were doing
just fine. We went to the pantheon and four seasons fountain around
sunset and it was incredile. This night was one of the best of my life
I'm telling you. Rome is magic. That's the bestdescription I can give.
It's just amazing. We got up early and caught a train to Florence this
morning. Florence is gorgeous! Much smaller than Rome but charming and
beautiul. We drove through tuscany on the trainthrough fields and
fields of sunflowers! It was so beautiful. We saw the uffchiti and
michaelangelos David today. Incredible but honestly everything abot
this country is incredible. The food and the language and the people.
The boys are so amazing with the language. They are our mouth pieces.
Sometimes it's frustrating because everyone in Florence speaks Italian
and I have no idea what they're saying but he boys are incredible.
Love the passion they have for the language andthe people. I'm having
the time of my life here. I love it. My feet hurt but I love this
place and I love the people I'm with and I hope you all get to
experiencethis all someday. Sorry I can't go into detail I'm on
garretts iPhone and were all snuggly in bed eatingtake out pizza in
our jammies. So happy and at peace with my life. Love you. Emma

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