Tuesday, August 4, 2009

road trip

super creepy squid...and were supposed to eat these??

so my road trip started sunday, driving the infamous mccusker van (the rolling turd, as it is affectionately called) full of kids and large duffle bags. drives like a big box on wheels (no offense glenn). so, needless to say we go the speed limit now. 
arrived in cedar city safely after a rather uneventful drive. dropped the kids off at efy in cedar city after a couple of trips to walmart for supplies and forgotten items. they were pretty excited, although caught hunter and max involved in a very dorky game of frisbee with their counselor who looked like pee wee herman in a peach polo. hmm, cant wait for the stories. hunter i could tell by the look on his face he wasnt sure about this "mormon camp". he's a good sport though. just the consummate "cool kid". eden on the other hand was a-ok, just worried she wont wake up in time...she's my girl who likes to sleep. after they were settled, continued the roadtrip just dane and me in the cavern of a van. dane all the way in the back engrossed in a video game. quiet and easy drive to lehi. actually loved the quiet time. put a deposit down on a retro apartment for aenon. super cute apartment in downtown salt lake. complete with painted paneling and no dishwasher. 
i think now, she just needs a rotary phone on the kitchen counter. 
visited the chinese buffet with my mom and aenon. lots of very dead squid there. 
my dad's favorite place. 
love a buffet.
especially a chinese one in lehi, utah.

good trip.

now i just need internet access.
i am plunked in a starbucks as we speak.

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