Saturday, August 1, 2009

emma's having fun...

hi mom!
so it turns out that my blackberry doesnt work at all over seas, so i
can't call you or email you or bbm you. and the boys both have italian
cell phones, but they only work for 911. so i cant call you either.
but we have a little bit of wifi in our hotel room and im on whits
computer so i will try to write you when i can! it is so beautiful
here. seriously. and so far the food rocks my world. italian sausage
pizza with the perfect crust...chewy in the middle and crispy on the
outside. delish. and gelato! oh my. nutella and biscotti cookie
gelato. blew my mind. we saw the colosseum today and the trevi
fountain and this city is magical. so romantic and so charming and it
looks exactly like the movies. but everyone is a crazy driver and they
like refuse to stop for pedestrians so we have to be careful! we walk
everywhere and take the subways! it's so fun. were sooo lucky to have
the boys with us. they are amazing with italian so they basically
speak for us all the time. we got in to rome this morning at 1015 rome
time which is 115am our time so i've been up forever. but were going
to bed right now and it's 1.43 your time so im adjusting to the time
change because ive basically missed an entire sleep cycle. the flight
wasnt too bad...we had a lot of movies to choose from so it was nice.
i love you and i wish you were here to see all of these incredible
things. aenon would die if she was here. im taking a ton of pictures
and cant wait to show you!
love you and please tell david that i am fine and very well taken care of.
tell dad i love him! 


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