Tuesday, August 25, 2009

doo dah heaven

so i have a new calling...enrichment assistant. (i think that's what it is called and am still a little peeved over my release from nursery). however, this new calling is opening doors for me. i am all proud of myself because i haven't used a glue gun in years...had given up on anything that looks even remotely like a craft, in reality actually just fantasized about it...and read plenty about it (love Martha Stewart's craft encyclopedia...i swear i could read that book over and over), but cant handle the mess and the storage it entails. so i threw away all of my crafty paraphernalia years ago, and succumbed to the boring life of a non-crafty woman. i have to say, i enjoyed my sabbatical, empty, uncluttered cupboards and all, but have now rejoined the cult...have used a glue gun now 3 days in a row and have made a gargantuan mess. made this glorious little advent calendar, complete with a little doo dah for every day of december to place on the tree. i will admit i have enjoyed the feel of that gun in my hands, and paint under my fingernails again.
fun to use my creative brain side, so glad it hadn't atrophied to its death...
however it did help to have a picture to go from.


In The Doghouse said...

Congrats on your new calling...the advent calendar is darling. I would love it, but there is now way on this green earth I want to resurrect my glue gun! lol Have fun!

Cortney said...

i think that i am in love. do you think that maybe i could just get the floor model instead of having to go to enrichment... it kind of scares me!
and i am pissed that you aren't in nursery anymore... so is steven!!

Aubrey Antis said...

my favorite part of your blog, "i will admit i have enjoyed the feel of that gun in my hands" haha

gr8apey said...

um...I'll just take that when you are done with it because it turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

The Max Family said...

Shauna :) I just love your family and remeber very fondly you and your husband growing up!!!

I had to comment as I to have the same new calling in the fresno ca ward were we live.I am still not to sure of it but quess its were the lord wants me right?

Kelly sims Max