Saturday, December 25, 2010

so, this is christmas

and toby, the smart dog he is, 
just knew there was something in this box for him.
just needed some human hands to assist in the opening.

i think the razors were the hit, actually.
and thank you to the sweet man who waited for hours, patiently in line at toys r us, 
then patiently in the rain, hours of traffic ahead of him, for the deal of the century.
my undying thanks for a job well done...all in the spirit of santa. 
st nick would be so proud.

and the 99 cent store plastic cheap swords are currently danes favorite.
he just came in and said, 
"you have to admit, mom, these swords are pretty darn cool."
i wont tell him i spent all of a buck on each of them.
and walked out of there with 3 big bags of loot...
and it all cost about 15 dollars.
such a fun outing too.

all of this finished by about 6:30am.
the hours of endless preparation, over in a flash.
my kind of christmas.
and i liked it.


Toshia and Jacob McIntyre said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Joan said...

Gotta love those dollar stores. I get gifts for my students there. $25 and I have a room full of happy 12 year it!

Hope you're snug, well fed, and content. =)