Sunday, December 26, 2010

favorite corner

so i have a favorite corner in my home.
in this corner, all of my favorite colors and shades.
dirty green, ebony black, and the perfect shade of taupe.
i even have these great taupe heavy velvet drapes ready to be hung.
but there they sit in the closet...
i have always loved the color taupe.
i used to refer to it as "mink".
but now i believe its correct name is taupe.

funny how my animals are all these colors too.
toby is the exact color of the couch.
maybe thats the reason i like his breed.
because he is taupe.
and when we had cats, they had to be black.
so they matched.
so superficial of me.
maybe its just the artist in me coming out...
in choosing animals.
somethings wrong with this picture.

back to the corner...
this corner has housed lots of tedious homework, big sewing projects and now a 

which everyone ignores.

one day this puzzle will be completed at christmas time.
and my corner will be the gathering place.
and it will be the hub of conversation, and laughter.

and i think i just might start on it myself.

and by the way, my corner would not be complete without a scooter.
my circle room the perfect racetrack.
and if you havent been to my home?
i have a circle room.
and a racetrack.
upstairs and downstairs.
cant even explain it, because it is such a waste of space.
the weirdest house ever, and so ill planned.
leigh calls it the "hotel lobby".
and come to think of it...i think it bears a strong resemblance.
maybe i should start renting rooms.

who knew this house could be so much fun?

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