Sunday, December 19, 2010

cant see the trees for the forest

so it was about time i purchased a tree.
i ventured to wal-mart for a cheap one...all sold out.
target the same.
so then i went to one of those fancy tents with all the flocked ones inside.
they had these gorgeous for $1300, one for $700.
who buys those?
and i couldnt help but feel sorry for these beautiful trees which dont get sold...
their natural beauty, years in the making, tossed in the trash.
spent, worthless, neglected.
something just very wrong with that thought.

there i was too,
wandering around, my shoes sopping wet 
(i was actually wearing shoes-not flip flops...i know, red letter day), 
no socks, bare legs and the cut offs i was wearing so
not appropriate for a rainy saturday.
i was, however wearing hunters sweatshirt with my shorts.
that fixed the fashion disaster.
needless to say, i was cold.

so i see this tree...$99.
way too much.
even in fat years, i would never have spent that.
such a cheapskate i am.

so the guy comes up to me, and says
"how about if i knock some money off that tree for you."
i must have had a pitiful face on or something.
maybe it was my cutoffs and oversized sweatshirt...i may have looked homeless.
"just wait till these people leave." he said quietly.
(they bought their tree full price...unlucky saps)

so, needless to say, i walked to my car, two
young boys toting my tree behind me.
they carefully strapped it to the roof of my car.
and away i went.
all by myself, just my tree and me into the darkness.

and it was a beautiful thing.


The Max Family said...

Its simple and adorable, simple is something I plan to try and make my life in 2011 I need to start making things less stress more simple and enjoy the little things in life.Your post reminded me of that commitment to myself Thank you, I always did love and admire you, what a agreat example you were to me in my young growing up years.

I Luv...... The tree its cute :)
Have a great Holiday!!

Kelly Sims Max

Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

What a beautiful tree!..puts our fake tree with color wheel to shame. You've definitely brought the Christmas spirit into your home with this simple, timeless tree..a tree that you will never forget. Our thoughts & prayers are always with you Shawna..& we're wishing you a happy & wonderful Christmas. We love you forever, Melissa & Jack

AaReAn said...

and a beautiful tree it is! :-) maybe I should show up in an oversized sweatshirt and cutoffs to Nordy's maybe they'd knock few dollars off my favorite pair of shoes I want but wont buy! ha

Buffy said...

I love your tree! Less is more :) Your story is even better. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas. It sounds like you have the true spirit of Christmas :)