Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sleepy time

blurry photo...was trying to be sneaky, and turned off the flash.
eden sleeping soundly after aenon woke up with a headache...only after
a long wrestling match with eden during the night.
aenon was upset.
i guess i might have to sleep with her tonight.
maybe i will take the couch.
or better yet, i will make dane sleep with her.

the boys fared better. they seem to ignore the 
sleeping sideways and cover hog issues.

hunter awakened...finally

then more breakfast to be eaten...more posing in the kitchen...

and i found my next quilt to duplicate...a quilt made by my grandmother.
grandma faye is trying to get me to take it home. 
i told her if i do, shes not getting it back.

then grandpa filled up the bird feeders and we watched the birds from the kitchen window...

a couple of generations here...
so far a we are enjoying a fun, relaxing little get away.
now, waiting for melissa and jack and a trip to the local buffet this evening.
cant wait.

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Joan said...

I absolutely love that shot of the birds at the bird feeder. Good work!