Sunday, December 5, 2010

little random pleasures

went to a couple estate sales on saturday...
had my old garage sale thirst reborn.
i used to drag my little girls around on saturday mornings to all the local garage sales, years ago.
forgot just how much rummaging through other peoples unwanted stuff gives me great joy.
and this time it was dead peoples stuff.
all the more exciting.
although this time we didnt stop for donuts.
found this very fun tiffany blue rotary phone and heavy vintage iron.
the phone actually works and makes that old fashioned mechanical sounding ring.
you know what i am talking about.


walked barefoot on the beach for about 4 miles. 
the morning sun peeking through the clouds.
the cold, hard sand felt good beneath my feet.
picked up all these little treasures and put them in my sweatshirt pockets.
searched in vain for a whole sand dollar.
never found one.


i created the best sandwich.
here it is...
prairie grains honey whole wheat bread 
(has to be prairie grains, and if you are from california, you are outta luck, 
i have mine shipped from utah every week...long story, worthy of its own post)
sliced chicken (not turkey)
swiss cheese (real swiss not that "swiss delicate" stuff)
avocado (haas...has to be haas)
lots of REAL mayo
and sliced cabbage...yes, cabbage, not lettuce.



Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

Oh how that old iron & telephone triggered memories..& reminded me of how OLD I am! I was the "designated ironer" in our family..I would get 1cent for Dad'short sleeve shirts..2cents for long sleeve shirts(upon Dad's inspection!). And I got 0cents for ironing your cute little 100%cotton dresses..I can still see me in the laundry room in Tustin with the monstrous piles of clothes waiting to be ironed..this could make a good movie! I could swear you picked up the same iron I used...& this is where that eerie music from the Twilight Zone comes in..because after I finished ironing, I was allowed to watch the Twilight Zone...thanks for the memories!! I love you always Shawna..always have..& I loved ironing all of your cute little 100% cotton dresses! xxooMelissa

Claudine Barnett said...

made me hungry! looks delish! love the phone!