Monday, December 6, 2010

music to my ears

i would be remiss if i didnt mention that hunter blessed the 
sacrament for the first time yesterday.
i sat there close enough to see the expression on his face, hear the tone of his voice
and witness the fact that he took his responsibility seriously.
i was proud.
let me re-phrase...i was pleased.

 i would also be negligent if i didnt recount the experience 
last week when carson ordained him to the office of a priest.
a beautiful, very special blessing given from one brother to another.
and yes, i did say brother.
one they will both remember for the rest of their lives. 
words cannot express the feelings in that room...and april and i were a mess. 

and so was max.
it was a beautiful thing.


Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

So happy for grateful for his tremendous example to all of us. What a blessing it is to have such wonderful friends to support Hunter and you. Congrats Hunter..we love you always!
xxxooo Melissa & Jack

Whit said...

Hi Shawna -

This is Whitney Brinton {Clegg}... I am sending out Christmas cards and wanted to send one to you. Could I get your address? Thanks a million!

my email is:

gr8apey said...

poor max....he just wears his feelings on his sleeves. We wouldn't have missed that for the world!!! never to be forgotten. i've reflected on that day many times this week due to the fact that those amazing young boys are soooo different from the world. truly remarkable.

Claudine Barnett said...

Nothing like it - realization that your boy is becoming a man - kind of bittersweet, too. You can be 'proud' of that!