Tuesday, December 14, 2010

mormon food

so we ate lots of mormon food this weekend.
recipes from my mom, all in the redlands cookbook from the early 70s.
even made a dump cake, but forgot to put in
2 cubes of butter 
(i only put one...it said 1/2 lb butter, i read it as 1/2 cup...stupid me)
so it wasnt all that good...needed that extra cube.
note to self...never skimp on the butter.

and ok, heres the recipe, circa 1972.
and its very low cal, good on the arteries.

2 cans cherry pie filling
1 box yellow cake mix
2 cubes melted butter

dump cherries in 9x13 pan (this is why they call it "dump" cake, get it?), 
dump dry cake mix over that, 
dump melted butter on the whole thing,
then sprinkle with walnuts
bake 45 min, 350 degrees

then there was the changing of the lights all of 100 million feet in the air.
good thing i actually had a ladder tall enough.

then hunter went up...i was waiting for the ladder to collapse, actually.
to tell you the truth, my heart was in my throat.
so was melissas. jack was laughing at us women, fretting over this boy on a ladder.
he just shook his head and said, "let him go up...you mothers be quiet!"
i hung onto the bottom of the ladder, trying to support it.
like that was really going to help.
the good news is...he made it down safely.
no brain matter on the travertine this time.

and jack tried to fix my dumb broken stove...

then we went to claimjumper for a delicious meal before sing noel...

then melissa posed with toby because he would not leave her alone.
i think he all of a sudden realized there were two of me in the room.
he seriously would not stop leaning on her.

then i posed with the scruffy, big headed dog. 
who knew a dog who only weighs like 20 lbs could have such a big head.
this photo confirms my observation that she looks like a cartoon character.

then it was time to say goodbye...

thank you melissa and jack for a fun filled weekend.
lets do it again soon.
love you both like you will never know.

and next time, lets eat sushi.


gr8apey said...

my word, send Jack my way...it looks like every honeydo on your list got done!!!!

Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

We're coming back..as long as we don't have to eat sushi!! I'm sticking with that "mormon food"..it fills out your cheeks(& everything else!)& gives you such a warm glow. Who needs face filler when you've got "mormon filler"??
We had such an incredible time with all of you..so sad we had to leave. Thank you so much for letting us come & do some "honeydo" projects..the best part was just being together as a family..we love you all so dearly! We're looking forward to many more visits..& more "soul food"! We're so grateful to our Heavenly Father & His great plan..and that of blessing us with loved ones to walk together AND support each other through this mortal life. Always remember Shawna that you are loved by so many..both family & friends..an eternal gift that can never be taken away from you. We love you for the eternities Shawna! Love, Melissa & Jack

Christina said...

But how do you change the lightbulbs in the middle of the room if there's nothing to lean the ladder on??? It perplexes me:(