Monday, December 20, 2010

emmy lou who

once upon a time there was a little girl with an old soul.
a little girl with a smart brain.
so wise she was for such a small child.
she was my companion and my eager helper.
my cheery, bubbly girly girl.
her sweet young face i remember so well.
i live for this face, would die for this face.
this face is seared in my mind.
 like etched in stone.
stamped on my heart.

and she will figure all of this out when she has children of her own.

will realize the deep connection between mother and child.
a connection that can never be duplicated or replaced.

there may be times of distance, and times of discord...
these learning experiences we have to all take in stride.
and be positive, and move forward.
forgive and love.

but i forever and ever hold her in my heart, as one of my flesh.
a cherished little one i cradle in my memory.
one of my darlings who i treasure like no one will know.

but me.

life's constant is change. 
something we all have to accept.
so when this little girl grew up, she morphed.
and i was glad to see her blossom, and sprout her glorious wings.
and watch her venture into her own distinct, righteous journey.
a journey she needs to face on her own...

with me in the wings, behind the curtain.
silently cheering her on.
quietly praying for her safe arrival and success in life.
and this humble prayer i constantly offer.
for the love i have for her is undying.
never ending, and eternal.

so emma, on this beautiful day of your birth.
i celebrate you and the wonderful strong spirit you are.
the beautiful young woman you have become.
the future good mother and loyal wife you will be.
because one day,
you will really understand exactly what i am talking about.
when you cradle that sweet infant in your arms.
and call her your own.

and you would die for her.
and then you will know.
of this miraculous thing we call mothers love.
something no one can ever take away from me.
something no one will ever be able to take away from you.
and i am glad.

i love you darling girl of mine.
know this comes straight from my heart.
and these sentiments will never change.
no matter what.

and i am happy you were born to me this day...
a mere 21 years ago.

i love you


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Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

Well, you got the tears streaming down my face again..what a profound and loving tribute you have written to Emma. And it is true, no matter what happens in this life NOTHING can take away your love and your memories of your is written into your heart & sustained through the eternities..only a mother knows. I'm so grateful for the tremendous example YOU are & always have've always strived to do your very best & treat everyone with unconditional love. These are tributes that you have refined..& they will sustain you throughout this life & the next. Thank you for being an incredible mother, sister, daughter, aunt, & friend..I love you always & forever, Melissa