Tuesday, June 22, 2010


so i came home the other evening and found this in my backyard. full blown party going and it was only about midnight. so fun to have all these cute kids plunked in my jacuzzi and roasting smores in my fireplace. but the best is going to sleep with all of that happy chatter in the background. see, my balcony overlooks the back, so with my french doors wide open (like they always are), 
i get to hear all the water noises and talking going on.
drifted off to sleep knowing they were all safe, sound...and content. 
and love having 4 chicks home, tucked under my wing.
just need that 5th one home, then i am one happy mother hen.

oh and if youre wondering what SOD is...
summer of dreams.
its gonna be a good one, i can just feel it.

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