Saturday, June 5, 2010

anime anyone?

so my teenagers, yes teenagers are trying to watch all 300 or so episodes of dragon ball z, in record time. i wonder if there is a guiness world record held, for the time it takes to watch all 300 episodes. i am sure my kids would be in the running. so weird. first it was the office marathon, now this japanese anime cartoon. and i do realize i am exposing my kids inner geek right now...
it is official.
they are geeks.

aenon started the craze way back when.
she liked sailor moon too. another japanese anime show.
i remember watching the episodes in their room (when they were little) 
with the bunk beds which at that time could sleep all of them at one time.
the room consisted of large bunk beds and a tv.
it was the best room in the house.

now they are just too old for this.
however i secretly like that they still are kids at heart.
and who doesnt like a cartoon?
especially a cheezy japanese one with characters who have super powers.

ok, changed my mind.

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Claudine said...

its spongebob squarepants at our house . . . save me.. please