Friday, June 4, 2010

donut love

did you know that today is national donut day? who would have thought that since 1917, us folks in america would be celebrating this blessed little sweet. i personally have a special thing for donuts, and so do my kids. must be in our genes. see, a donut to us is a little slice of heaven. probably because my children grew up eating them on saturday mornings....a ritual of mine when they were young. i look back though, and wonder what in the heck i was thinking, as i had little rolly polly kids, waiting with wide eyes as i brought the big pink box into the kitchen. they were often described affectionately as "human jelly beans with legs". so my donut buying sprees will remain a mystery. maybe it was the cute asian donut man who knew me by name, or the crushed ice in the really good diet coke (you know some places have "really good" diet all know what i am talking about), that my friend lisa craved when she was pregnant. i wonder if she ever got a donut with her crushed ice, so beautifully packed in that big white styrofoam cup? probably not. she had way more will power than me.
and she had teeny tiny kids.
go figure.

so when i think of the best treat ever, it would have to be a chocolate bar, or a glazed with coconut or my kids favorite crave, the pink crullers...and the la times even featured this delectable treat yesterday in the food section. what a coincidence. and needless to say, i folded up that paper and securely tucked it away in my recipe drawer...for a later time, when i actually have to courage to fry something really naughty. 


Cortney said...

going to get our free donuts after nap time!

Jack and Melissa said...

All I can say is yum,yum,yum..why do they have to be so good?? And so bad for you at the same time? It's still one of the few great memories I have dragging myself to seminary..Friday donut day! Wish I still had that metabolism..thanks for sharing this lovely donut! lol Melissa