Friday, June 25, 2010

just a little bit...

just a little bit of spinach and eggs eaten outside in the sun...only after our 5 mile coto loop trip, which proudly we do in about an hour and 25 minutes...i am sore as hell, taking a step now is painful...but hopefully this will end soon. hopefully. gettin old is hard work

then a little bit of a table rock excursion (no one was there)...too bad it was a little cloudy, and there was some creeper photographer guy in bike shorts taking photos of this girl in a bikini...weird...then off to costco for fresh fruit and staples...also where i ate 4 bites of pizza. ok, it is my birthday, i am allowed. 
tasted so good, cant even tell you

a little bit of wood ranch for some sweet potato fries and a tickle fest in the restaurant. 
everyone is happy. happy is our middle name, not even lying

and a little bit of posing...something we are good at. 
must have a thousand photos which look identical to this

and a little bit of playing with the crayon box. did you know it can be made into an annoying musical instrument? have had to take this away from many a boy in the past.

a little bit of family posing with thumbs up (always a good sign)...doesnt it look as if my head was photoshopped in?
floating head syndrome.

then a little bit of dancing and goofing on the sidewalk...

then little bit of this...drumroll please...
ate like 6 bites, yes 6, well maybe 7 of this in the car on the way home (nothing like cramming food in your face while driving) to die for carrot cake complete with this decadent cream cheese frosting.
eden was nice enough to keep it all on her lap (she had the oreo cheesecake).
remember it is my birthday. 
only comes once a year.
and it was a good thing emma had left for a movie with her friends...
she would never have allowed this to happen.
she is the diet enforcer.

then a little bit of good weather. why would i ever even think of moving?
emma and i had a long discussion about that yesterday.
dont know if i can ever leave so cal.

and a little bit of driving home.
after a good day, of turning 48.

thank you kids for making my day special.
thank you kids for making my life complete.
thank you kids for the happiness i possess.
cant live without you.


Erin said...

Glad you had a great day with your kiddos. Happy Birthday to you!!! You deserve a splurge now and again!

Erin said...

Glad you enjoyed your bday with your kiddos! You deserve a splurge and lots of love! maybe you could rename you blog "johnson posers" ha-ha

Joan said...

Happy birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful day.

I like the "floating head" picture. Too funny!

claudine said...

happy birthday shawna, glad you had a happy day - you deserve it and more