Thursday, June 3, 2010

pile o drama

so its always been a standing joke around here, that i am not the most organized person in the world.
lately have been just a tad scatterbrained too. 
however, i am an immensely organized and together soul. 
the Lord must have known this would be my trial in life. 
see, i love a neat home, an orderly closet...bare minimums on the shelves. 
but unfortunately, i am somewhat of a pack rat. 
my patriarchal blessing even advises me to keep my home neat, my life in order...myself in check. 
again, my trial in life. 
my achilles heel.
and when i am in an emotional upheaval, the floor of my closet is covered in tossed clothing, too unimportant to hang up, let alone fold.
and laundry?
i am not good at it. 
not gonna lie. 
so this huge pile of tired, worn out drama made its permanent home on my closet floor. 
ok, i just said it. 
my closet was an embarrassment...until today. 
and i even have 3 bags left over for the folks at goodwill. 
must mean i am getting my act together. 

and i just noticed all of my clothes are either black, white, grey or taupe...
how boring, but so me.

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Claudine said...

okay, good job, now it's time for the spa........