Friday, June 11, 2010

lil wayne and me

so, hunter recently loaded up a brand new abandoned ipod (i know, jackpot) i found
in a drawer. he loaded it up with all of "his" music, passed down by aenon.
and it is a known fact that i like this techno, current stuff.
sometimes even turn it up pretty loud.
i know i am not supposed to, but i do.
been doin it for years.
and if the truth be known,
there are probably lots of things that i do, which i am not "supposed" to.
oh well.

so, i picked up dane from school the other day, with this song coming thru loud and clear.
ipod plugged in and going strong.

dane: mom, do you know that is is really unusual for a mom to be listening to rap?
mom: really?
dane: you listen to music that teenagers listen to. turn it down.

so there you go. a teenager locked up in an old lady body.

1 comment:

Claudine said...

so funny! james and I like a lot of the same 'current' music, too. he thinks its cool - his friends think I'm cool.. .. give your boy a few more years - he'll think its cool! haha