Sunday, June 20, 2010

dad day

happy fathers day to my dad.
that is him in the back, the oldest one of the henrie family.
and apparently the henries are known for their beauty and good looks.
yeah, look at my grandma...well, she is a larsen, but a pretty
good looking woman, there.
she produced some beautiful people.
and i was lucky enough to take part in that gene pool.
i guess i have "henrie eyes" whatever that is.
and she had twins, i wonder why i didnt get twins,
as supposedly it skips a generation.
so, enough of that kind of talk...

my dad...
 he has taught me what integrity is.
he has taught me to finish a job, and finish well.
he has taught me to never give up.
he has taught me how to be strong.
he has taught me all about work, and how important it is.
he has taught me about keeping your word, and telling the truth.
he has taught me about service and sticking up for what you believe in.
he has taught me to endure to the end and always do a good job.
he has taught me the importance of being thorough.
he has taught me about patriotism...and honor.

so thank you dad for your superb example.
you taught me lifes lessons without even having to say a word.
happy fathers day.
i love you.

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In The Doghouse said...

That picture is just priceless! Your dad is an amazing man!