Wednesday, June 16, 2010

same ole stuff

so, i havent written about anything the last couple of days because there hasnt been a lot to report. no fun filled events, no super exciting outings, no reason to even put my camera in the car, well it was put in my car in anticipation of some fun, then i realized i had forgotten the memory card. about the most exciting things i have done all week is attend an enrichment meeting (that was actually pretty fun), and shine the stainless steel in my kitchen (not fun). so there you go...another woohoo week in my ever so exhilarating life (actually, if the truth be known, i havent been this content in years). but i think all of this boredom is about to change. emma will be home thursday night, and is bringing with her 4, yes 4 rather tall byu basketball players and her bestie whitney. so i will have a full house, and secretly love it. and i am supposed to magically find beds big enough for these boys. and what about feeding them? what do you feed kids like this? quadruple my pancake recipe? dozens of eggs? pounds of beef? or maybe i should just resort to my decadent cinnamon french toast smeared with peanut butter...that will probably work. 
so i went to costco yesterday in search of food and "snacks"...and since i am on this sort of health kick, no eating allowed kick, dont put anything in your mouth kick, i had an anxiety attack when i actually placed the big bag of tortilla chips in my cart. 
maybe they can eat lots of chips and salsa and the case of mangos 
and peaches which are taking over my counter space.

will keep you posted about the food fest on steroids and co-ed slumber party.


Jack and Melissa said...

You haven't had a dull're just resting before your house gets turned upside down!! I KNOW you'll take lots of pictures..can't wait to see them all..have a blast but don't work too hard. You probably need my turkey fryer..remember the yummy fried chicken we made for Christmas..oh I'm drooling!! Love you! Melissa

claudine said...

so envy you your full house! miss mine and all his friends that called my house home