Tuesday, June 29, 2010

gentle giant gone

so hunter is hiking half dome as we speak, and going down some river with some pretty gnarly rapids so i hear. those leaders better bring him home in one piece, or they will have to answer to one angry momma bear. he will be gone all week (sigh), so his room is clean, his bed remains made. no noise or midnight glow coming from the corner he calls his cave. no call of duty on, no computer on his lap. no taking him to practice. no wet towels littered all over the house. no telling dane to unclog the toilet. no goofy laugh. his calm and collected demeanor is needed around here. i miss it, and also his gentle, quiet reminders professing his love and adoration for me. 
i have it good.
he is my soulmate.
hes got my back, and reminds me of it daily.

hurry up big boy, and come home fast.
and i think i might just die when he leaves on his mission.
4 more years.
xanax please.

1 comment:

Jack and Melissa said...

Just remember that wherever his travels & life take him, your heart ALWAYS goes with him. Your momma bear heart & love can NEVER be taken from him..& THAT is what will get you through all of his life's experiences. You're the best momma bear ever!! Love you, Melissa