Thursday, February 4, 2010

time flies and scanners break

well, i am so frustrated right now i could scream. have all these cute photos of eden when she was little i am ready to scan...however, scanner has decided it is time to give up the ship. 
so in keeping with eden's special day, here is a repeated photo, then i am out to buy another scanner. 
i will be back with a better birthday post.

so, happy birthday, my darling eden. the most adorable perfect child ever to walk to earth (i can hear you now emma, yes you had/have legitimate competition). so on to cheesecake eating and nordstrom cafe. i will just have to post tonight with newly scanned photos...from my new, better scanner.
happy edens birthday, shawna.


emma johnson said...

eden was a beautiful child, i will give her that. however, in the beautiful baby contest, there is no question that i take the cake. 7lbs even, taken home in a christmas one can touch that.

gr8apey said...

I can't decide if technology makes us better or worse. I've said my most interesting words while at the computer!! haha...HAPPY BDAY EDEN!!!

J ~ G ~ E ~ A ~ A said...

this is how I remember her. Beautiful then and now. ;)