Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bring on the mundane

i had an epiphany of sorts yesterday while walking the isles of ralphs supermarket with dane. i love the mundane now. love the common. love the old school feel of ralphs supermarket. like the hughes market i used to shop at when we lived in murrieta, and when i had two or three, or even four little ones with me at all times. back then, tiny socked feet dangling from the front seat of the cart, an older inquisitive one hanging on to the side. i was always in such a hurry. always had so much to do. never took time to enjoy the little pleasures of life. i wish i had slowed down, and taken my time. taken the time to relax, and enjoy the moment. one day, when i get to live my life over again, 
i am going to do just that.

we had about an hour to kill before dane was supposed to be at scouts, so we leisurely were taking our time. we walked slowly down each isle, dane sipping his orange drink from a earlier drive thru visit to mcdonalds...the straw bent and chewed on, the cup empty. we talked about which pop tart is his favorite, and went down the cereal isle and talked about better choices for cereal. better choices for drinks too, and how we were not going to buy lemonade anymore because of the sugar content. ventured into the frozen food area where he told me which kind of pizza they serve at his school. i asked if he wanted a box...he said no. we strolled into the bread isle, and he became mezmerized by the greeting cards directly across from the baked goods...he was reading every one. and i didnt hurry him. we looked in the dairy section for his favorite yogurt and were lucky enough to find a box of 8 with all strawberry, not strawberry and peach, because you know, no one likes the peach ones.  we decide which kind of shredded cheese would be best on the enchiladas we were going to assemble at home and decided on the mexican mix. maneuvered our cart into the baby isle and bought diapers, wipes and rice cereal for the care and share collection at his school. i hope he remembers this.

we had seen every isle, so we loaded all the groceries onto the counter at the register. then the cashier had to ring up the woman ahead of us all over again, all because she hit the wrong button. we waited patiently, and checked out the gum and candy in the meantime. looking for anything cinnamon.
she was flustered-but a-ok with us.
no sighs, no rolling of the eyes. we were good.

dane helped me get the groceries out of the basket, reaching in deep to get the items on the bottom. he inquired as to about how much all of this would cost, his mouth agape when i told him...turned out it was twice the amount i estimated. then we started a conversation about hand sanitizer, and how brianna at school, has a "big bottle" of it with a note on it which reads "please ask before you take". i then asked him what happened to his big bottle..."oh, it was gone a long time ago". so i bought him a little bottle at the register, which can be attached to his backpack...i know, hunter, 
this is such a nerdy thing to do. 
its ok. 
i like nerds. 
we are in touch with our geeky side...maybe you should be too.


gr8apey said...

why is that the best kind of day??!! I LOVE taking my time anywhere!! it is precious...but i love it more when i have one of the kids with me! What a treat dane is.
ps. love the little things they talk about when they are with you, especially the hand sanitizer!!!

Jack and Melissa said...

What a sweetheart Dane is..so many things we learn through our children. Lessons that could not be learned any other way. YOU are an incredible mom Shawna, & your children will love you through the eternities! Love you! Melissa

Claudine Barnett said...

i love this post. so family mundane, just the things that memories are made of...

Joan said...

"tiny socked feet"...

Tugs at the heart. I miss those sweet, sweet days of younger motherhood.

Thank you for reminding me.