Wednesday, February 10, 2010

double life

i talk a big fight.

i love simple.
i hate clutter.
despise it.
my mantra is less is more...

so i am co-chair for the relief society enrichment committee.
or whatever it is called.
they change the name frequently.

i sit in meetings where we talk about "stuff".
i voice my opinion loud and clear, "i do not like all
that ga-ga stuff...absolutely no frou-frou".
who wants another handout anyways.
i have been hurt one too many times by handouts
thrown on the floor, which i have spent literally
hours on, and hundreds on colored ink.
and who cares about decorations?
a white tablecloth and some plastic 
dinnerware will do the job.

so i leave these meetings vowing to keep it simple.
then my mind starts thinking about all the cute stuff out there,
just waiting to be made.
calling my name.
then i start dreaming about it.
then it is all over.

so, this is my simple, un-cluttered, no frills display of the cute t-shirt dresses
we will be making the night of the relief society birthday celebration
for the children of haiti.
and i cant even tell you how cute the tables are going to be,
 donated dresses we will hang all over the cultural hall,
vintage dinnerware, doilies and yummy food...

uh, sister johnson, what did you just say about simplifying?

no more just sittin around talking about the service we will
render, the good deeds we will perform...we are making 100 
(i know i originally said 50-but were uppin it, girls) 
of these that night.
see, there is strength in numbers, and i am tapping that.

well, dont ask me to decorate anymore.
because this is what you will get.
ga-ga, clutter...and frou-frou.
and did i mention a mess at home, neglected children
and cold cereal for dinner.

i am one confused woman.


emma johnson said...

okay wow i must get directions on the fan circle things. i think i need those all over my walls once i get back to provo. so so cute.

Claudine Barnett said...

dear confused... join the club

gr8apey said... can't have it both ways, babe!!! You are a simple woman trapped in a frou-frou body! As far as i'm concerned there is NOTHING wrong with the frou frou you are doing...what a great idea! i would go to that enrichment night any day and i haven't been to one in YEARS!!!!!!

shawna said...

april, you are officially invited or requested should i say...i might need you to be the boss of the sewing machines...

Tera said...

HE HE HE - I love it. I just got called in the Relief Society Presidency of my new ward (the counselor over the "Relief Society Activities" aka Enrichment). Cute idea. You'll have to tell me some of the other good things you have done.

Christina said...

LOL... you make me laugh. The truth is... it's all in the presentation... why do you think the Garden of Eden was so amazing, because I'm sure HF agrees! I LOVE that you make it beautiful and interesting to look at. Good thing, too, because I want that, but could never pull it off the way you do! And, FYI, your tag is already in my file folders of things to keep!!! Thanks.