Monday, February 8, 2010

light the candle, please

just couldnt eat the cheesecake...
before the candle time.
poor eden, gets a bootleg birthday cake,
with only one candle, and a giant bite out of it.
what slackers we are.


Lori said...

So fun to see your kids grow up, Shawna. I see pieces of each of them within every face. Does that make sense? They keep changing as they get older. So fun. Eden's a beauty. I still have an old letter she wrote me when I was her Primary teacher. Thanks for journaling your life. When are you going to post something on Craig? Where the heck is Craig? Inquiring minds want to know. Love you!

Jack and Melissa said...

That cheesecake looks 1 piece gives it more dimension so we can see it better!
But who's looking at the cake? I just see Eden's big beautiful eyes & contagious that girl! Aunt Melissa

shawna said...

she looks a little like jessica, doesnt she? i know jessica is trailing behind her...i just know it.

Jack and Melissa said...

You are so right..when I saw Eden's pics I thought of Jessica. I have a pic of Jessica that looks just like the 2nd photo of Eden..they are standing the same way & have the exact same expression on their faces. It's time for me to start digging those photos out..I'm going to complete Jessica's journal by this July 24..the 15 year anniversary of her passing. I KNOW Jessica is watching over Eden..something she couldn't do as a mortal was keep total tabs on everyone..but now she watches over all of us simultaneously..I know she must be in "heaven" over that..oh, I can hear Jessica's giggle about now!
Love you! Melissa