Friday, February 19, 2010

remember third grade?

dane participated in this third grade play, written and directed by his teacher. (have i told you she is wonderful?) it was darling...talked about the history of orange county, even made reference to the real housewives. it was hilarious, however only us adults got the humor in it all. 
the kids did a great job delivering the punch lines. 
danes character was james irvine. 
i even made a trip to uci bookstore yesterday to get his "outfit".

and they sang "proud to be an american" thoughts quickly did a rewind, and was remembering a time when the older kids had programs in school when that same song was sung. i had an image of emma, fifth grade i think. there she was decked out in red, white and blue...singing her heart out. 

he ran up to me afterwards, grinning ear to ear, and threw his arms around me.
he was so happy he did well.
i was happy he did well.
he memorized his lines perfectly, spoke slowly and even had lots of inflection in his voice.
job well done dane, and he even said his teacher told him his "costume" was PERFECT!!

what more could you ask for on a friday afternoon?


emma johnson said...

it was eden who sang that! not me!! but what a classic. sometimes we sing that song here. i love america. and dane.

Jack and Melissa said...

Dane looks like he's in his element..what a ham! & what a that Dane! Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jacket

gr8apey said...

haha...I LOVE those plays...but i must admit that they haven't changed ours at the school so I will have officially seen it 6 times by the time i'm done...could use some updating...i can even say some of the lines.