Friday, February 5, 2010

friend to the end

this is carson.
(he is actually very cute...) 
he is very special. 
he knows how to be a true friend. 
he knows what the word loyal means, and lives it. 
that boy will never cease to amaze me with 
his kindness and thoughtfulness. 
just cant say enough good about him. 
thanks carson for being such a great example to me, 
and being so good to my kids.
you make a mothers heart sing.
(your moms and mine)


emma johnson said...

i didn't even notice carson's funny face because i was too busy staring at hunter's gorgeous teeth!!! but i agree with every word written. what a good boy he is.

gr8apey said...

hahah...does that boy EVER take a decent picture?! What is his problem. I gave up long ago! your words are toooo kind, thank you for that...and yes, Hunter's teeth look GORGEOUS!!