Saturday, February 27, 2010

more simple green and other stuff

so as much as the kids complain that their high school looks like a jail, and actually feels like a jail...this place has some legitimate scenery in the springtime. so i have to write another post about the gorgeous green we experience in our neck of the woods. i know all over southern california it is a green paradise, but for some reason this little valley where tesoso sits, becomes magic to my eyes. 
so kids, be grateful you attend a school/jail that is so beautiful.

so this "green" experience was this very rainy hunter ventured into his first swim meet. love the pool deck for some reason...and loved seeing my polo boys again. they are all about getting their picture taken. they have learned when they see me approach the water, camera in hand, they scramble to pose, climbing over each other to make sure they are seen. i hardly even have to say anything anymore...they know what to do...because i cant be screaming directions to them (i did that last polo season)...they just do it now, instinctively. they are well trained little puppets of mine. they even respond to hand signals. lots of funny faces and antics from them, knowing i will capture a priceless image. 
best part is when i see one of my pictures posted as their facebook profile pic. 
love it. 
and better yet, 
when they add me as a friend. 

very cool indeed.

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