Wednesday, February 24, 2010

dead battery

(reject dress number one)

(winner dress number nine)

eden took the day off today, so we ran to the mall (well, not literally. if dane read this
he would think we actually "ran" to the mall...such a literal boy) to find
her a winter formal dress, because
as you all know, i scored tickets when they were all sold out.
kind of a long story...
just call me wonder mother.

i grabbed my camera, and out we went. 
ended up at macy's, meandered through the shoe department first, then quickly grabbed about 
10 dresses in the next department over...and found the biggest dressing room we could. 

i got my camera out to take photos of eden in each dress...a fun post, i was thinking...
until my battery died. 
hadnt changed it in sidetracked i guess. 
so one lousy shot was all i got.
so frustrating.

found one dress, out of about 10. found some pretty blingy high heels (a first for her),
and even found a rhinestone bracelet and earrings at the kiosk
across from lucky.
all of this completed in just 2 hours (complete with a power walk),
and just in time to pick up dane on time.
 and we even had a pretzel for a treat.

remind me to charge my battery on a regular basis.

good day.


Claudine Barnett said...

so this has nothing to do with your post (although eden looks beautiful in the dress!) but I was thinking as I was looking at your wing chair - what we really need is a new cushion and a really great custom fitted slipcover. That would cover all the wood and give you a new look and probably cost less than a reupholster job.... sorry, the brain never stops working you know... I'm off to bed. :) love ya

gr8apey said...

Eden looks like vanna white with the pose!! pretty dress and can't beat the time it took to find it...that NEVER happens!!
ps. love the slipcover!

In The Doghouse said...

As I said before... that is one gorgeous girl! She looks amazing! I hope she has a great time! Thanks for sharing your experience... dang I wish I could have seen all the beautiful dresses... I even like #1 on her... how on earth did you ever decide???

Cortney said...

whoa.. great dress. love the color and the fit is so flattering! hope she has fun.

Jack and Melissa said...

Eden, you are illuminating gorgeousness! Oh my heavens, Uncle Jack & I thought we'd just opened up a page in a modeling magazine & there you were! Have a blast at winter ball..we can't wait to see pics of you & your date. Love you,
Aunt Melissa
P.S. And thank MamaBear Shawna for getting those tickets..AWESOME

Christina said...

LOL... in the 80s my winter formal dress was royal blue and I wore silver shoes LOL LOL.. .but she looks MUCH better than I ever did. Love the color!!!