Wednesday, July 28, 2010


sometimes large, carefully groomed pots of petunias along a small town road are breathtaking

sometimes finding a bootleg, outlawed in california merry go round, in a tucked away park 
can be the highlight of a road trip. 

sometimes its hard to understand why cars like this were built in the first place

sometimes you have to be reminded that everything in utah closes on sunday

sometimes hand made, hokey life sized dinosaurs are actually kind of endearing

sometimes vintage signs are pretty fun to look at

sometimes you should re-think buying a black car

sometimes being inside a tee pee is pretty cool

sometimes you just have to stand in awe of an artist who was not afraid of taking on a large project

sometimes you have to appreciate others differences and love them for it

sometimes its good to marvel at the good works and talents of others

sometimes a filet o fish and fries tastes really good, especially in the company of rugged 
 cowboys with manure on their boots

sometimes a walk by a sparkling lake and the shade of a pine tree is magic

sometimes you just gotta embrace your faults

sometimes when you see beauty like this you know there is God

sometimes there are certain things you just gotta see

sometimes the colors in nature are simply amazing

sometimes shorts and flip flops dont work, even in july

sometimes buffalo hold up traffic for miles, and dont care

sometimes your camera focuses on the wrong thing and it turns out good anyway

sometimes baby bison are adorable...just glad we didnt get killed by his mom

sometimes the quiet of walking through a graveyard is good for the soul

sometimes putting your feet in a natural hot spring feels divine

sometimes it pays to look up when you are touring a 100 year old courthouse

sometimes when youre told to take an extra hour to see some beautiful do it

and sometimes you do something on a whim
and sometimes it turns out alright


with love, r said...


Jared and Katy said...

I LOVE this post...all the pictures are fabulous and I really enjoyed the "sometimes" theme. Also I must add that you look like one hot mama in these photos especially with the motorcycle dudes. You look as though you have gained a whole new sense of independence and freedom. I can see it all over your face! :)

Claudine said...

what a fun trip! love your photography and insights. but I missed you.