Monday, July 5, 2010

our flag was still there

i guess it was high time to make a batch of red, white and blue cupcakes...its been awhile.

its also a time to celebrate our freedom, our independence and our bravery as a country.
and a time to sing the star spangled banner.
and stick a twirling flag windmill in the urn by the front door.
 i am a patriotic sap.
i get teary eyed when the flag is around, and anyone in uniform walks by.
i get teary eyed when military jets fly overhead, like at the freedom festival a couple of years ago.
what is wrong with me?
there i am crying about jets...go figure.
have always been that way, and i think its not going away any time soon.
so family, you will just have to accept that your mom has a weird soft
spot for planes...especially military ones.

so for our festive celebration, we all piled in the car (all 6 of us), visited yogurtland (this was all happening at about 8:45 pm) and ventured onto the 5 freeway in search of fireworks.
driving aimlessly is more fun than you would think.
the trip was magical, as we all searched the skies for colorful bursts of light.
and surprisingly, got a great view of some great fireworks.

and to all you people out there who have served this country in one way or another...
thanks for fighting for a worthy cause.
thanks for being brave.
and thanks for putting your life on the line for something worthwhile.

my dad is one of these.
so, thanks dad.
from the bottom of my heart.
(i think the soft spot thing is inherited...yeah thats my excuse...its in the genes)


Jack and Melissa said...

Your "soft spot" comes from gratitude..straight from the heart..& that's how this country was built..& will be maintained.
lol Melissa

claudine said...

from one patriotic sap to another - God bless america!