Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sleepy head

been having trouble sleeping lately.
dont know whats wrong with me.
today i made it till the alarm went off at 6am.
red letter day.
usually when i awaken unexpectedly, the number i see on the clock starts with a 3 or a 4.
sometimes even a 2.
then it becomes impossible to fall back to sleep.
did i say impossible?
truly impossible.
maybe its cuz i always have some creature in bed with me,
whether it be some little blonde chatty girl,
or a large dog.

and just maybe i will miss that one day,
and if i didnt have that, i wouldnt sleep at all.


Uncle Jacket said...

So who took the picture?? the blond chatty girl or the large dog creature? I think the dog did it considering the viewpoint....

Joan said...

I try to not think about those days that will be so quiet...

ps...that's my bed! =)