Monday, July 12, 2010

motley crew

this is an early morning run to brueggers with a bunch of boys who
first talked me into driving them by the house they had tee peed the night before...
(of course i had no idea this was going on at midnight)
unfortunately it had all been cleaned up 
(their gardeners happened to be the lucky ones assigned that task)...
and remind me to buy toilet paper the next time i go to costco.
then sawyer asking as he was getting out of the car, 
"sister johnson may i borrow your uggs?" 
he was conveniently barefooted.
so glad i could be so helpful.
(i think he looks pretty darn cute in them, dont you think?)

poor max had to wait in the car with me, wrapped in the blanket he grabbed from the couch...
too bad he didnt put clothes or shoes on.
seems like there are a lot of boys very comfortable running around my house just in their underwear.
not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

and nothing like warm brueggers in the early morning.
i wouldnt know, havent had a warm, toasted bagel in like a year.

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