Wednesday, July 7, 2010

camping with girls

dropped off eden in the church parking lot for girls camp.
and this is cj...quite possibly the cutest, darlingest girl on the planet.
she has a glorious deep voice and curly long hair to die for.
and you should see her siblings.
all amazing works of art, those kids.
some people just get lucky with amazingly good genes.

then eden texted me to look in the mail for her ap scores.
i retrieved them, and anxiously opened the envelope up.
fives on all of them, except a mere four on us history.
such a slacker in us.
maybe thats good, eden...i am afraid you are proving to us you are mortal,
and not a supercharged human calculator complete with a motherboard on steroids.

ok, so maybe some of us got the good genes.

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